Ross MacBaisey GoShare
Ross MacBaisey is the Marketing Director at GoShare. Before joining the GoShare team, Ross was a ‘professional athlete’ and entrepreneur, competing for the US team in the sport of Judo and managing a sports rehydration drink business.  Although he never made it to the Games, he was an Olympic alternate twice. Upon retiring from competition, Ross went back to school to receive a MBA and formalize his business experience. After completing the program, he discovered GoShare and immediately fell in love with the idea. When asked why he was so passionate about joining the team he responded, “It just makes sense, and someone should be doing this on an international level, why not us?”

Ross received his bachelors from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and his MBA from UC San Diego. Ross was born and raised in San Diego and when not in the office, you can probably find him on at the Judo ‘dojo’ coaching and training, at the gym or napping at the beach.

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