GoShare’s proprietary mobile and web platform connect truck and van owners with businesses and people who need help moving, hauling, & delivering large items on demand. GoShare was started in 2014 by founder and CEO Shaun Savage. Shaun’s house painting business regularly needed a delivery service so that he didn’t have to leave the job site in the middle of the day to refill supplies. There was no such service back then and whenever Shaun had to leave the job site unsupervised he found his team to be unproductive. Some time later Shaun tried to buy a big screen TV from Costco but it wouldn’t fit in his car. After spending several hours renting a truck to bring the item home he knew there was a problem that could be solved using technology and the sharing economy.

Our three primary goals are to: improve the moving and delivery experience for customers, create a flexible income stream for truck owners, and increase shareholder value. GoShare’s mission is to empower people to help people by sharing their trucks and vans. By promoting collaborative consumption on our platform we believe that we can help create a more equitable, sustainable and friendly world. GoShare Delivery Professionals are independent contractors who earn money using their own vehicles and lending a hand to people in their communities who need their help. All GoShare delivery professionals must pass a background check, vehicle inspection, and training before they can start driving with us. GoShare carries a cargo and liability insurance policy to protect the items that we are carrying for our customers. The company is based in San Diego, CA and operates throughout San Diego county, Los Angeles county, Orange County, Atlanta, Miami, and parts of New Jersey with plans to expand internationally.

We are proud to be an EvoNexus portfolio company.

EvoNexus portfolio company

EvoNexus Portfolio Company

Learn about GoShare and how they help people and businesses with on demand moving and delivery