Get the Right Equipment to Get the Job Done Safely

Get the equipment you need to be safe and protect the cargo you’re handling. Our most successful Delivery Professionals keep these items in their truck/van at all times. Click the category below to see the recommended options.

Ratchet Straps


Ratchet straps are also known as cargo straps or tie downs. They are the most secure way to tie down your cargo.

Moving Blankets


Also called furniture pads and moving pads, furniture blankets protect items and prevent damage.

Moving Dollies


Moving dollies are ideal for moving very heavy items, including large pieces of furniture.

Bungee Cords


Ideal for securing items together, onto dollies, or for providing extra support to items secured with ratchet straps.

Stretch Wrap


Wrap items securely to protect them while moving. Stretch wrap, also called pallet wrap is ideal for protecting furniture and appliances.

Dollies or Handtrucks


Safely transport large items and avoid back injury using a dolly or hand truck. Check out several types of dollies, including furniture dollies, four wheel dollies, appliance dollies, platform dollies, and hand trucks.

Loading Ramps


Loading Ramps or walk ramps allow for easier loading and unloading of large items into the back of trucks.