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GoShare is a rapidly growing tech start-up dedicated to flipping the logistics industry on its head. Learn more about GoShare or submit an inquiry to our media relations department below.

About GoShare

GoShare’s proprietary smartphone app connects local businesses and consumers with truck and van owners in real time, facilitating on-demand, social hauling. GoShare supports local businesses and economies by providing a strong hourly wage and flexible hours to drivers, while also providing local businesses with same-day, last mile delivery support, allowing them to be more competitive with national online retailers. GoShare is Your Friend with a Truck.™


Like many great solutions, the idea for GoShare started with a problem. CEO and founder Shaun Savage found himself in a similar situation to many other consumers. He had purchased a brand new television but was unable to fit it into his car. Since he didn’t have a friend with a truck, he had no choice but to rent one in order to take home his purchase. This was costly and time-consuming. Frustrated by this experience, Shaun found a solution in the peer-to-peer sharing industry.

GoShare was conceived as a way to enable peer-to-peer sharing of trucks and delivery equipment and has evolved to include a full service, last mile delivery solution. The company name, GoShare, is a nod to the early inspiration of sharing resources and helping neighbors.

GoShare’s proprietary technology connects consumers and local delivery professionals to arrange moving and delivery gigs. GoShare specializes in micro-moves, last-mile delivery for local retailers, furniture moving, donation drop-offs, dump hauling, and more.

Following successful pilot tests in San Diego and Jersey City, the company has expanded its services with goals to be in every major metro in the United States by 2020.


  • Company founded in 2014
  • Launched in April 2015
  • Currently serving clients in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas


On-Demand Moving. Last-Mile Delivery. Logistics. Not topics that usually spur excitement around the dinner table. But, here at GoShare, we’re logistics geeks. And, we’re looking to transform the last-mile delivery industry. Our team includes industry thought leaders and passionate advocates of the gig economy.

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GoShare is a rapidly growing tech start-up dedicated to flipping the logistics industry on its head. Check out a sample of our latest press coverage below.







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