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Standard Pickup Truck

Small Pickup Truck

Earn up to
$47.52 per hour

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Large Pickup Truck

Large Pickup Truck

Earn up to
$61.92 per hour

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Cargo Van

Cargo Van

Earn up to
$61.92 per hour

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Box Truck

Box Truck

Earn up to
$71.52 per hour

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Minimum Requirements

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Your vehicle must be year 2004 or newer and pass a vehicle inspection. No salvage titles.
  3. Must be able to pass a background check and driving history check. No felonies, DUIs or violent misdemeanors in the last 7 years.
  4. Must have an iPhone or Android phone that is capable of running the latest version of the GoShare Driver App.
  5. Must have a checking account to receive direct deposit.
  6. Must be able to speak English.
  7. Must have valid license, registration and insurance in the state that you are driving in. If you drive in CA you need CA documents. You must have minimum state insurance requirements and be compliant with local laws.

what does it take to become a goshare DELIVERY PRO?


Our delivery delivery professionals typically have experience as a mover, hauler or delivery driver. It is possible to learn these skills using our orientation videos. Strength is required as most of our deliveries are heavy big box items. Challenge yourself in a new type of work experience.


GoShare Delivery Professionals have a passion for their vehicles and for helping people. Strong customer service skills are essential. As a service provider you are dedicated to making sure that every customer has a great experience with GoShare. Get paid for something that you are passionate about based on your performance.


Our customers are trusting us to come into their homes and deliver high value goods. Trust is very important. All delivery professionals must pass a background check and driving history check. Every delivery is rated by our customers. We authorize customer’s credit cards when they order to make sure you get paid.

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