FAQ’s For Customers

Q: What is GoShare?
A: GoShare connects drivers who have a truck or cargo van with people and businesses nearby who need help moving, hauling or delivering large items on demand. To learn more about becoming a GoShare driver click here. To get a price estimate and book a driver with a truck click here

Q: I’m a Driver or Helper, where can I find answers to my questions?
A: Drivers and Helpers can click here for help.

Q: Where is GoShare Available?
A: GoShare is currently available in San Diego, CA , Los Angeles, CA; and parts of New Jersey. Atlanta is coming soon.  To learn more about our locations click here

Q: What kind of objects can GoShare move?
A: Anything that can fit in the back of a pickup truck or cargo van. Some of our drivers also have trailers to move larger items. We can send one or two delivery professionals depending on how much help you need. We do not transport people, drugs, guns, weapons, hazardous materials, or anything else that is illegal. To learn more about the services that GoShare offers click here.

Q: Can I ride in a GoShare vehicle with the driver?
A: No, you should not get in the vehicle with your GoShare driver.

Q: Will the driver help me load and unload my items into the vehicle?
A: Yes, your GoShare driver will help you load and unload your vehicle. We can send two movers if you need extra muscle. Get an estimate and book a driver here.

Q: How much does GoShare cost?
A: We believe in low prices everyday! GoShare’s pricing model is based on a fixed rate per minute and varies slightly by the type of vehicle you are requesting and the number of helpers you need. The clock starts when the driver arrives at the pickup location and begins loading the item into the vehicle and the clock stops when your item(s) have been safely delivered to the drop off location and the driver has finished unloading. The minimum price is $29.99. Click here to get a price estimate now.

Q: Why do I see a charge on my credit card before the Project is completed?
A: When you request a delivery professional we place a temporary authorization on your card for the minimum estimated amount or $100.00 whichever is greater. After the project is complete we will void the authorization and create a new charge for the total amount due. The voided authorization will be reflected on your credit card statement within a few days. Contact us if you have any concerns about payments.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Cancellations of Jobs made more than 90 seconds after booking may be subject to a cancellation charge, not to exceed $10 per delivery professional requested. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q: How can I request a GoShare driver?
A: You can get a price estimate and request a driver on any device using our website . You can also download the free GoShare app, available for iPhone and Android.

Q: How do I pay for GoShare?
A: GoShare is a completely cashless business. When you register to use GoShare we will ask you for your credit card information. After the job is complete we will charge your credit card based on the total amount of time it took to complete the job. We will put a hold on your credit card for up to $200 or the amount equal to the estimated cost of the job, whichever is greater. To ensure the highest level of security we use SSL site encryption and your payment info is stored and protected by Braintree which is owned by PayPal.

Q: What kind of vehicles does GoShare offer?
A: GoShare drivers have pickup trucks and cargo vans. We also have a few box trucks and some of our drivers have trailers for larger jobs. All of the vehicles are owned by the drivers, not by GoShare. All vehicles were made in the year 2000 or later and are required to pass a 21 point inspection before they can begin driving on the GoShare platform. If you need a trailer please check the box in the booking form.

Q: Who are the GoShare drivers?
A: GoShare drivers are people that live in your community who want to earn extra money by using their vehicle to help you with your moving, hauling, and delivery needs. All of the drivers are at least 18 years old, with a valid drivers license, registration and insurance. All drivers must pass a national and local background check with no felonies or DUIs in the past 7 years. We also make sure they are not on the terrorist watch list or the sex offender list.

Q: Can GoShare handle long distance jobs?
A: GoShare can deliver items up to 250 miles away from the pickup address.

Q: How can I contact GoShare?
A: You can find our contact info here.

Q: Is there a GoShare app?
A: Yes, we have apps for Android and iPhone users. You can also use our website from any device.

Q: Who should use GoShare?
A: Anyone who is thinking about renting a pickup truck or renting a van for local moving, hauling, or delivering. You may need help delivering an item you bought at IKEA, you may need a pickup truck to pickup materials from Home Depot or you may be short on time and need supplies delivered to your job site.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: You can change password here

Q: How can I redeem a GoShare promo code?
A: We occasionally will make promo codes available to attract new customers and reward existing customers. If you receive a GoShare promo code you will need to enter the promo code at checkout before you complete your order. Promo codes not entered at checkout can not be used on orders that have already been submitted.