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Our mission is to organize the world’s trucks to make them more accessible and useful.

Historically, the moving, delivery and logistics industries are known for being inefficient. Poor customer experience with little reliability and no accountability is the norm. Customers were forced to wait around impatiently with little or no communication for when their things would arrive. Many people often had to call in a favor to a reluctant relative or rent a truck and do all the heavy lifting themselves. In an age where answers to almost any question can be found with a click of a button or a tap of the screen, customers are no longer content doing things the old way. Businesses are under pressure to offer a faster and more efficient delivery service or they risk losing their customers to more progressive competitors. Consumers expect to be able to schedule their delivery when they want it, enjoy affordable rates, and be able to communicate directly with their delivery provider.Our goals are:

  1. Improve the last mile delivery and moving experiences for our customers using automated systems for greater efficiency.
  2. Create a reliable source of income and a better experience for our delivery professionals.
  3. Increase the value of the company by developing proprietary technology and delivering world-class customer service.

Why Investors Love Working with GoShare

Rapid Growth

GoShare Growth

Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in on-demand last mile delivery by creating the largest non-asset network of trucks, vans and delivery professionals in the world.

Our platform connects businesses and people with delivery professionals on demand. Our network includes thousands of truck, van and car owners who are licensed, bonded, background checked and insured. Our proprietary technology makes moving and delivery easier, faster and cost effective.

Award-Winning Apps

GoShare’s proprietary mobile & web apps enable better last-mile delivery experiences. We can move, haul or deliver cargo on-demand up to 1,000 miles.

Strong Financials

Tightly managed budget and acquisition costs. Delivery professionals and business customers have a 10x ROI when measuring CAC vs LTV.

Peer-to-Peer Model

Our peer to peer model allows for hyper-growth and international scale. North American Last Mile Delivery by itself is a $14b industry.


Dream Team

GoShare is built by a team of innovators, entrepreneurs and industry experts who are passionate about our mission and vision. Notable investors include Adasel Global Partners, Claudio Burtin, Keshif Ventures, Eric Di Benedetto, XG Ventures and Antoine Blondeau.

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